Vanessa Bowen (Diné) is a Native American multi-faceted artist, with skills ranging from pushing paint to pixel manipulation. Bowen was born in 1985 in Naʼnízhoozhí (Gallup, New Mexico) located on the edge of Dinétah (The Navajo Nation).

Since childhood, art was a major factor in her life which set the foundation that she would later utilize as a springboard to become a freelance designer and artist. She studied English at Fort Lewis College before realizing that was not her career path and went on to study Graphic Design.

Since then she fully immersed herself in art and design, which blossomed into a successful freelance career.

In 2016, she became well-known for producing “Make America Native Again” hats as a way of starting conversation about the problematic history behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan — “Make America Great Again” — and to raise awareness for marginalized indigenous peoples in the U.S.

Bowen continues to work out of her studio located in Albuquerque, NM for her design firm Bowen Creative. She derives her support and encouragement from her husband and inspiration and motivation from her two small children. You may find her spinning House and Techno at local DJ gigs

Vanessa Bowen; designer, and painter:

When approaching a canvas, I often paint my personal experiences. Selecting the colors and subject carefully to illustrate a moment in my life that has moved or assisted in my ever-evolving self.

In the never-ending quest to push my creative boundaries, I have recently moved away from portraitures and aim to experiment with a variety of styles, techniques, and mediums