Responsibility & Repair

Bowen Creative LLC was invited to assist in the production of conference graphics for the Responsibility and Repair: Legacies of Indigenous Enslavement, Indenture, and Colonization at Harvard and Beyond.

Institutions in the United States and around the world have begun, in recent years, to reckon with their historical ties to slavery and its legacies. Yet these efforts at truth telling and repair often fail to engage another “original sin” at the heart of the story: slavery in America began with the enslavement of Native peoples and the violent dispossession of the lands on which they had lived and thrived for generations.

As Harvard and other universities confront their own histories of enslavement and colonization, it is critical to elevate, examine, and honor the experiences of Native communities.

This conference, “Responsibility and Repair”—led by Harvard University’s Native American Program in collaboration with Harvard Radcliffe Institute—will bring together Native and university leaders to advance a national dialogue, expand research, and establish and deepen partnerships with Indigenous communities. Using the landmark Report of the Presidential Committee on Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery (2022) as a starting point, the conference and its participants—activists, scholars, Native leaders, tribal historians, and others—will explore the responsibility of universities to confront their past and will recommend steps toward repair that is often centuries overdue.


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