May 10, 2024

Civil Rights Org

Civil Rights Org

On Native American Heritage Day, we celebrate and lift up Native voices, culture, and contributions. But we also acknowledge this country's long history of egregious wrongdoings against Native communities – including the systemic exclusion of Native voters from our elections. Today, and every day, we fight for Native Americans’ freedom to vote. Congress must knock down barriers to the ballot that are unique to Native voters. Passing NAVRA would provide Native Americans and Alaska Native voters expanded access to voter registration, polling sites and drop boxes on tribal lands, the power to use their tribal identification for voting, and more. Tell Congress to pass NAVRA now! Art by @bowencreative Learn more about how you can support Native rights, sovereignty, and traditions with @nativeamericanrightsfund #NativeAmericanHeritageDay #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth #NAVRA #FreedomToVote

Nativo Artist Room

September 9, 2021