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The number of miles put in for the #Festive500. I wouldn’t have got here without the guidance and help from my coach. Thank you Shayna!
The Bosque is pictured in the background, you don’t even know how many times I have biked through it in 2021. Definitely looking forward to biking it more next season and a lot faster too!
I am a proud Navajo woman. I honor my ancestors and those who will come after me. I pledge to be a leader and mentor to many Rez kids like myself. #getnativekidsonbikes
Shout out to Rapha for the challenges to push myself. Many thanks to all the cyclists in my life who inspire and motivate me. Much love!

The pandemic was the catalyst for positive change in my life.

I sought to improve my mind, body, and spirit. Through my efforts, I discovered undiagnosed ADHD. My life has significantly improved after treatment.

In 2021, I achieved many cycling milestones and ended the year off with completing the #Festive500. There is no stopping me now!

Vanessa BowenAlbuquerque, New Mexico

About the Illustration

The illustration is an ode to the Spirit of the #Festive500 depicting the artist in traditional Navajo regalia with a photograph of the Bosque in Albuquerque, NM with the number of miles completed during the 8 days of the #Festive500.

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